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Life isn't improved by chance, it's improved by change.

We provide quality movement, strength and conditioning tuition that can be used to improve lifestyle and general fitness. Our approach works incredibly well to improve all facets of your wellbeing. Improving muscle tone, muscle mass, coordination, physical capacity, and skill development form the foundation of our regime. We can utilise these aspects to build a better athlete or as preventative rehabilitation (prehab) and general rehabilitation for anyone that may have lost some of their physical ability due to injury and/or lack of activity.
We cater for all ability levels, from high level athletes looking to improve their mobility and strength to achieve greater prowess in their chosen discipline. To Grandmothers who just wish to be able to maintain quality of life and be able to pick up their Grandchildren.

Brent Hocart

Dad joke expert 

Brent Hocart
Director & Coach

Greg Alexander

Passion for teaching and movement.

Greg Alexander
Director & Coach

The reason.

Brent's Daughter will be right by your side offering a world of encouragement!

Frankie Mae
Assistant Coach


Maximum 10 people per class per coach, more often than not the ratio will be even better; Ensuring you are getting the best quality coaching at all times.

Group training is a great tool. We as Homosapiens work well in a group when surrounded by like minded people, when challenging ourselves and pushing our limits. Having support and a group to keep you accountable turns mountains into tiny bumps.
The groups are capped at 10 people per coach in each class, this ratio ensures a high quality of service and you can be confident that an expert is always available to help coach your direction and movements during a class.

We work to restore the proper function of each joint, then we can look at optimising each for performance.

Greg Alexander
Flexibility - The capability of being bent, usually without breaking. A passive capacity.
Mobility - The ability to actively achieve a range of motion.
To achieve an increase in mobility we require Flexibility + Strength/Control. We program to achieve these 3 attributes in our mobility sessions.

Greg Alexander - Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. FRCms, FRA
Passion for Teaching, movement and helping homo-sapiens unlock their potential.

With 9 + Years in the industry Greg has traveled far and wide to gain as much experience and knowledge possible to formulate the best level of care and training to deliver to our clients.
Personal Training sessions from $70 for a 1 hour session. Multiple PT sessions bulk buys avaliable at different price points.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
Whether you haven't participated in any physical activity for the last 20 years, or if you have suffered from a sporting injury. Our programming, knowledge and expertise can cater for you in our facility. The ability to scale and create something achievable for you each session is the aim for every session you attend.
If you have extra requirements we are willing to work with you. We can work in conjunction with our allied health professionals also located under the very same roof at The Functional Joint. If you require 1 on 1 movement tuition, we can cater for that as well.

Practice does not make perfect. Only Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

Vince Lombardi
Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that has featured at the Olympic Games since 1896. The sport is a combination of Power, Strength, Speed, Coordination, Balance, and Courage. Olympic lifting helps hone critical athletic abilities that can be useful for all types of sport and activities; or simply for competing in.
It is an incredibly safe sport, makes great exercise for everybody, and you can start at any age.
We currently run 2 Olympic Lifting Classes per week that typically run for 90 minutes. Contact us about how to get started today.

Membership Based

4 x 1 hour training sessions is less than 2.4% of your week.

We use a monthly membership structure and fees are charged based on the number of classes per week you plan to attend, of which you can pay for up to 4 sessions per week. We use an online booking system which lets you choose which classes you wish to attend. All classes are capped to ensure the highest quality coaching.
We are open 7 days a week with 3 types of classes to choose from and over 30 sessions per week so we can accommodate (just about) any hectic schedule.
See our full timetable below in the Gallery section.

Membership Prices

From July 1st 2020, monthly pricing will be as follows.

Visits/week      Cost/month
   1.    $90.   (~$20.80/class)
    2.    $140.   (~$16.15/class)
    3.    $180.   (~$13.84/class)
    4.    $240.   (~$13.84/class)

- Each class is capped at 10 people per coach
- Classes typically run for 60 minutes
- Memberships can be put on hold under particular conditions, eg. extended holidays.
- Punch Card passes also avaliable.
- Click Here to purchase a membership online

Photo Gallery

Have a look inside our playground.

Why Train with us?

Attention to Detail

Close enough is not good enough. Perfect practice, makes perfect. We want to you to move the best you possibly can, we will try out best to make that happen. If you don't do it correctly, or it doesn't feel "right" we will keep working with you till we achieve what we set out to get!

No quick Fixes, no gimmicks.

No 30 day or 8 week challenges or marketing hype.
All of our focus is on you. It takes consistence, discipline and a commitment to the lifestyle to achieve your goals.
We are here to support your completely during that journey.

Rise to the Occasion

We will push you and challenge you while keeping you safe! We will ensure you achieve something every time you step foot in our door. Be it moving a little faster, finishing that set, or resting a bit longer before that next rep. We will help you rise to the occasion!


We will get you moving, but we want to make you move well! Perform the common, uncommonly well. Just moving isn't enough, we want you to be AWARE and move with sound intent.


Our programming is very detailed, written specifically to meet the realistic needs of each and every person that steps foot inside The Weight Buffet. This is possible because everything we program is scalable and we can adapt the movements to make it achievable or more challenging as required for each individual.

We're Supportive

We don't have a revolving door. Once you step foot in our facility we care about all aspects of your life and offer what support we can and will refer for the things we can’t help you with. The classes might last 60 minutes but you can talk to us any time.

Personal Training

Make it Happen. Shock Everyone.

Personal Training, 1 on 1, or Small group training tailored to suit your needs. Be it for rehab, focus sessions for skill building, or you feel more comfortable in a 1 on 1 session rather than a group setting, The Weight Buffet PT has you covered.
As long as you have the will to try, I believe I can work with you. Be it you have a physical or mental impairment or you get around in a wheelchair, I am willing to work with you to help you achieve a more active life and any goals you may have.


Nice to meet!

Passion for teaching and movement.

Greg Alexander
Personal Trainer & Mobility Specialist (FRCms, FRA)

What people say?

I joined The Weight Buffet at the start of lockdown, and Greg & Brent have just been amazing in their sessions. They both take the time to explain everything properly (which is perfect for a newbie like me) and are just so encouraging! Thanks for everything guys!


What people say?

I’ve always been fearful with using weights; not doing it correctly and injuring myself. Greg and Brent are friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging. They are great at breaking down a skill/technique into simple terms and provide lots of feedback. I find the workouts achievable and not as intimidating as I first expected. The Weight Buffet has definitely readjusted my mindset.


What people say?

Hard work but rewarding. Great trainer's that really engages with the group. Couldn't recommend enough!



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